ISMO - 2015 - 2020

Dergachi / Ukraine - ISMO “Aktion Mensch” Project in 2015 successfully completed and two new projects 2017 in Belarus and Poland

Despite Ukraine’s tense political situation, nearly two years of cooperation came to fruition when we completed our project in the Ukraine in October 2015. In two years 25 social workers from social work and education, took part in a basic course on Mobile Youth Work.  The ISMO Dergachi project has been funded in addition to our own funds mainly through grants from “Aktion Mensch”,
2017 we are looking forward to two new qualification projects with two differnt partners - the IBB in Minsk / Dortmund and Tratwa in Wroclow / Poland. June 2017 a group of colleagues will come  from Minsk to Stuttgart for a fieldtrip.

St. Petersburg / Russia - "picture helps" granted ISMO donations for a renovation of the street school "Geroj" in St. Petersburg 2017

Upon the initiative of our honorary chairman Prof. Dr. Walther Specht the fundraiser "picture helps" our long-standing partner NGO "Geroj" (Alexander Suslin) 15.000 Euro have ben raised. Alexander Suslin and Viktor Gorscharuk will use these funds to renovate and modernize their Street Children School in St. Petersburg. The renovation is now  finished and we all are very happy about the result!

50 Years Anniversary of Mobile Youth Work in Stuttgat 2017 - a great success! 

Walter Specht founded 1967 the first "Youth Club" in the context of a concept of Mobile Youth Work - the Club 67 in Stuttgart / Germany. At the 20th of October 2017 in Stuttgart the Birtthday Party was a great success. For information, pictures and more :

September 2019, The ISMO - TRATWA / Wroclaw  Project 2017-2019 finished succesful with a 5 day excursion from the Tratwa Team to Stuttgart. 12 new colleagues, 5 seminars and 2 new MJA - Projects in different districts in Wroclaw are the result of the 3 year cooperation.

The ISMO Board 2020

The current Board of Directors consists of three members: Ingrid Scholz (1st Chairman), Natascha Zöller and Stephan Schlenker (deputies).
For more information and support please contact us!

Ingrid Scholz, Natascha Zöller and Stephan Schlenker

20th anniversary for ISMO in 2013:

At the ceremony on 25 January 2013 to mark the 20th anniversary of the International Society for Mobile Youth Work - ISMO the longtime chairman Prof. Dr. Walther Specht was appointed honarary chairman.

The ISMO brochure in english and german (24 pages)


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