The ISMO brochure in english and german (24 pages)

ISMO Volume 10

Book: Mobile Youth work in the global context, Walther Specht (Editor)

ISMO Flyer (English or German)

ISMO Symposium-Song 2008 (lyrics german and english) free MP3 download

ISMO application for admission (German)


Youth at Risk - Street Children

Report: Street Children in Nairobi (German)
Schirmer: Straßenkindheit in ausgewählten westafrikanischen Metropolen (German)
Puhm: Straßenkinder in Kisumu/West Kenia (German)

Mobile Youth Work and related topics

The Concept of Mobile Youth Work
Mobile Youth Work (Russian)
Expertise Mobile Jugendarbeit (German)
Mobile Youth Work - Perspectives for Russia (Russian)
Was leistet Mobile Jugendarbeit (German)

Symposia - Meetings - Conferences

ISMO Symposium Russia/Petersburg:Selected Inputs (German)
ISMO Symposium Russia/Petersburg:Report
ISMO Symposium Kenia/Nairobi:Report
EFSCW Social intervention methods for street children - Mobile Youth Work
Mobile Youth Work Seminar East Africa – Transformation of a worldwide Concept 2/2009 (German)

Documentations of the training programmes in Mobile Youth Work in Eastern European Countries / Cities

You can order the documentations by mail:

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Vol. 1 1998 Symposium Russia:

Vol. 2 2003 Afrika:

Vol. 3 2007 Georgia:

Vol. 4 2007 Estonia:

Vol. 5 2007 Russia:

Vol. 6 2007 Bulgaria:

Vol. 7 2007 Hungary:

Vol. 8 2007 Slovakia:

Vol. 9 2007 Czech Republic:

Further ISMO Volumes:

1994 Symposium Chile:

1995 Symposium Switzerland:

2000 Slovakia:
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