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ISMO, the "International Society for Mobile Youth Work" in Stuttgart, a non-governmental organisation, together with other professional organisations of Youth Welfare Service from around the world has been developing the concept of Mobile Youth Work as a community-based street work approach on the international level for many years. The first international symposium on Mobile Youth Work took place 1983 at the University of Tuebingen, Germany. Symposiums in foreign countries followed 1994 in Chile and 1995 in Switzerland. Since 1996 ISMO has been active in Eastern Europe. In 1998 the 7th international Symposium on the Mobile Youth Work took place in St. Petersburg, Russia. During this Symposium it became obvious, that there is a great demand for qualification in the field of Youth Welfare Service in the post-communistic countries. Since that time lots of lectures, seminars and courses took place in 7 Russian cities, as well as in Sofia/Bulgaria, Varna/Bulgaria, Bratislava/Slovakia, Tbilisi/Georgia, Budapest/Hungary, Mikkolaiki/Poland, Cesky Tesin/Czech Republic, Shitomir/Ukraina and in Tallinn/Estonia. In 2003 the 8th international Symposium on the Mobile Youth Work took place in Limuru / Kenya (ISMO 2004) and the 9th in 2008 in Stuttgart Germany under the title "Reaching the Unreachable" with over 300 participants form 39 countries around the world.
The general connectional objective is directed to the creation of projects and networks for excluded children and youths, which are oriented on the circumstances of their lives. In the process of the mobilisation of certain local community and taking into account the UN Convention for the Protection of Child¡Çs rights, the main aim is to waken and strengthen the civil- social forces, to build social capital, which can generate a lasting and productive development towards excluded children and youths. For the sake of these excluded children and youths, the everyday living situation, the milieu, in which they grow up, and their social capital should be positively influenced in order to activate the integration processes. People, who live there, should provide safety, acceptance, and feeling of security, affiliation and appreciation for excluded children and young people. On the other hand, it is important, to show them orientation and set limits.
At the same time, the concept of Mobile Youth Work is conveyed on the basis of the theory and practical experience of the international social work and social pedagogic in the whole world (although sometimes different terms are being used in this context). It is being offered under the consideration of social, ecological, historical, cultural and legitimate conditions in different countries.

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