International symposia on street work and Mobile Youth Work

One of the most important global future duties in the work with socially underprivileged children and youngsters lies in the qualification of social professional forces. Hence the exchange under professional forces of Street Work and Mobile Youth Work and her cosmopolitan cooperation is very important. Meetings in national and international conferences indicate the need over and over again to form on municipal, regional and global level networks of Mobile Youth Work. Academically sound analyses of problem situations enable to think over action approaches critically and to develop constantly. Thus the chances can be used by prevention, intervention, stabilization and healing more intensely and more with lasting effect.

With this background the members of ISMO started already very early a corresponding international exchange under
professional youth and social workers practicing street work:

1983 University of Tübingen, institute of educational science, „Drug consultation in Mobile Youth Work“
1984 University of Tübingen, institute of educational science „Youth conflicts and community work“
1988 Advanced technical college for social welfare Esslingen/Neckar „Youth in trouble - Youth work“
1991 Diakonisches Werk EKD Stuttgart, Hospitalhof „Life and survival of girl and boys on the street: - Community-based problem solving“
1994 Universidad Santo Tomas, Santiago de Chile "Del Trabajo con Ninos y Jovenos en la calle"
1995 Professional committee on Gassenarbeit Solothurn Switzerland “Living on the street – experiences“
1996 European Network for Street Children Worldwide (ENSCW), Amsterdam Netherlands, "Street Children Worldwide"
1998 University and city administration St. Petersburg Russian Federation, ENSCW, ISMO
2000 Tabita Bratislava Slovakia „Street Children and mobile Youth Work in Central and South Eastern European Countries.”
2003 Limuru Kenya, Nationwide Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK), "Mobile Youth Work in Africa"
2008 Stuttgart Germany, ISMO; Universität IfE Tübingen; LAG MJA Ba-Wü; Diakonisches Werk Württemberg, Mobile Jugendarbeit Stuttgart, The symposium took place under the patronage of the German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel, "Mobile Youth Work in the Global Context - Reaching the Unreachable".

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